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Leak Browser available
Leak Browser is available for download. There were some rather shameful bugs in Leak Browser that have been fixed in this release.
Last Updated ( Monday, 31 July 2006 )
Welcome to Bug Browser

This site is still under construction.
Most of the content is here (if a little rough at the edges)

Leak Browser is a commercial debugging tool.
It is one of the most effective tools for finding resource leaks in Win32 applications.
It was originally written to find the leaks that other big name tools could not find.

Leak Browser
will track down just about any type of leak in a Win32 application, this includes:

    • C malloc/free
    • C++ new/delete
    • System memory HeapAlloc, VirtualAlloc
    • COM allocs like SysAllocString, safe arrays, CoTaskMem allocs
    • Win32 handles, for example CreateFile
    • GDI and User32, for example CreateFont

In fact there are about 350 functions that are known to Leak Browser and monitored.
In the end nearly every resource allocation in a Win32 program will result in a call to one of the monitored function.

Leak Browser is designed to find leaks fast in Win32 applications, no recompilation is required,
no linking with special libaries. All you need are the .PDB files.

Leak Browser does not require your application to exit before reporting leaks,
and it does not require the resource be unreferenced (garbage).


Dump Writer

Also on this site are some open source tools and libraries.
Most of the content of this site is related to advanced C++ and Win32 issues especially debugging.


Last Updated ( Monday, 31 July 2006 )
Updated slides available

I have uploaded the final copy of the slides for the Debugging presentation at the 2006 ACCU conference. In the end there was only one additional slide (slide 54). If you attended (or even if you did not) and have some questions, use the contact page.

You can download them here

Last Updated ( Monday, 24 April 2006 )
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